The City of Kingston Offices Upgrade

Published 22 October 2014

1 - panThe City of Kingston Municipal Offices is located on the Nepean Highway, Cheltenham. The building consists of 7 floors, 5 of which are occupied by the council while the other 2 are by tenant.

Working with Organic Response, the council was inspired by the simplicity of the installation of the Organic Response sensor node and also the ability to take greater control over their energy consumption. As part of the lighting upgrade, the council requested that the light fittings were to be LED luminaires with Organic Response enabled.

ELA in partnership with Webb Australia created a compliance checklist; When considering LED luminaires. This compliance checklist assisted the council in determining which LED luminaire to proceed with.

The Vertex Air with Organic Response became the perfect solution, as they not only reduced the council’s energy consumption across 1,300 light fittings but also allowed air supply from the existing ducts through slots on the 1200 x 300 luminaire.

ELA’s Vertex Air luminaire was selected based on a number of its key attributes. The LED boards used within the Vextex meet Zhaga compliance and the combination of its V-shaped reflector and CDP diffuser which mask the harsh micro points of the LEDs create a panel of perfectly uniform luminance.