Skill by Simes - Now available from Eagle Lighting Australia

Published 16 August 2013

2 - In situ + light dist

The Skill by Simes is an innovative, surface mounted outdoor light fitting with a very slim profile, usually only available when using recessed fittings. It combines all the advantages of a recessed fitting, but without having to build housing into the wall. This means installation is easy and extremely user friendly.

4 - New Skill variations

Skill is a unique LED luminaire, utilising the pinnacle of electronic technology within a 30mm deep body. This allows Skill to provide excellent light quality with the total absence of glare.

Skill is available in round, square and now a rectangular variation. The round and square versions come in two different sizes.

The Skill combines:

+ Die-cast, copper free, aluminium housing
+ A toughened micro prism glass diffuser
+ 316L, A4 marked, stainless steel screws
+ Silicone one piece gaskets, fitted within
a mechanical channel
+ Double powered coated paint finish for
  resistance against corrosion, a coastal
  finish that is UV stabilised with high
  mechanical impact tolerance
+ IP65 rated
+ 24v and 240 volt versions available