Pozzo I is a little piece of the sky, bringing the feeling of daylight into enclosed spaces

Pozzo I


The Pantheon in Rome, constructed in the year 120 AD, is the best preserved of all architectural wonders of the Roman Empire. The focal point of the building is the 9 metre hole, the oculus, which by acting as a light well illuminates the whole building when the sun is shining.
For over 2000 years imitators have been fascinated by the architect's use of light. The natural light in the building is abundant and well distributed, while still creating shadows and contrast.
Inspired by the oculus Fagerhult have created Pozzo, a luminaire that recreates the 'light well' effect indoors.



5 - Unnamed

Pozzo is a luminaire that makes room for your own architectural creativity. Its versatility is demonstrated through its variety of options:

+ 4 sizes
+ 3 mounting options
+ 2 diffuser positions
+ 2 diffuser options 
+ LED or fluorescent

The diameter ranges from as small as 350mm to as large as 1m.

The option of surface, recessed or suspended mounting allow you to not only create dimension but also implement task lighting.

In addition to the mounting options the diffuser can be adjusted by moving it downward to align with the ceiling or upward, to create the 'light well' effect. 

The 'light well' effect, brings a sense of daylight into dark and gloomy corridors. 

When the large, bright surface is aligned with the ceiling, light moves towards the sides blending the luminaire with the ceiling. The large round beam effect amplifies the perceived brightness beyond what the lux meter reads.

Pozzo, equipped with the Microprismatic Delta diffuser has an unrivalled even spread across the surface, fulfilling the standard on 3000 cd/m2 for working in front of computer screens.



9 - Unnamed

Pozzo LED RGB offers the possibility to create permanent or alternating colour sequences that create drama and interest.


A little piece of the sky

14 - Unnamed

For both patients and visitors the design of a waiting room can play a significant role in reducing the feelings of frustration while increasing the sense of security.

The Pozzo helps to create a feeling of natural daylight and makes us feel more comfortable in our environment. The large, bright surface of the Pozzo mimics a piece of sky.

14 - UnnamedThis positive change in mood is due to ipRGC's (intrinsically photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells, highlighted right) being stimulated by a large area of bright light from above. When stimulated the ipRGC's increase the levels of cortisol and lower the levels of melatonin in our body. Melatonin is a hormone that causes sleepiness and is responsible for controlling our "body clocks". Cortisol's main function is to increase blood sugar levels resulting in a boost of energy. 

The combination of lowered melatonin levels and higher levels of cortisol result in an alert and in-control state of mind.

The larger variations of the recessed Pozzo, installed with the diffuser flush to the ceiling are an excellent way to stimulate the ipRGC and leave the occupants of the room feeling at ease.

Pozzo's variety of options make it suitable for a wide range of applications including hospitals, aged care facilties, offices and general indoor areas.