Appareo is more than lighting, it is an experience which makes you think. It is a puzzle, a little piece of everyday magic.

Fagerhult Appareo

The luminaire is lit, but where is the light source?

Appareo is a suspended LED luminaire that combines uncompromising design with high lighting levels and good ergonomics. Our ambition has been to demonstrate what LEDs can achieve, without making a big deal about the technology itself. By working with a brand new material, we’ve been able to utilise the compact size of LED technology without compromising on the lighting comfort.

The trick is simple: an innovative disc of acrylic plastic that functions both as reflector and louvre, and around the disc we have mounted LEDs that send light into the plastic. The result is glare-free, comfortable work and general lighting that is perfect for the office as well as rooms for special occasions. When the luminaire is turned on, the disc shines with a crisp, white light.

When the luminaire is turned off, it is completely transparent. It’s like it isn’t even there any longer.

  • Light Sensor
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