New Aureled Range

Published 16 June 2014

1 - HeaderBringing daylight indoors

The Aureled family is expanding to include exciting new diffuser options and the latest LED technology. The end result is a family of luminaires that are extremely energy efficient and visually comfortable. Now you can bring a slice of daylight to any indoor environment.

New diffusers

2 - Diffuser Options

We have three new diffuser options: Dropped, Edge and Flow. The diffusers are designed to offer a range of lighting effects that imitate the way light emits from the sky. This is achieved by light being diffused onto the ceiling and walls - not just directed at the floor. We do this in order to replicate the positive biological effects that humans get from daylight.

The diffuser technology used across the Aureled range also has the benefit of eliminating glare. Across all of the fittings, we have focused on delivering comfortable lighting that allows the human eye to function optimally.

The Aureled range of luminaires create a soft transition from light to dark, so the pupil is able to fully open and accept all available light. The alternative is encountering a harsh transition, where the pupil is forced to contract to the point where not enough light is able to enter the eye. This results in environments where the perceived brightness is inadequate for the task at hand.

New driver technology

3 - Aureled Flow InstallationNew technology allows us to tune driver currents, meaning we can set them to meet the requirements of specific projects.

This has many implications for the performance of our luminaires: we can ensure the lowest possible system wattage, we can control the rate of lumen depreciation, we can run the luminaire cooler so the electronic parts last longer and the LEDs suffer less colour shift over time.

To make the most of this new development in driver technology, we have tested and chosen the optimum drive currents to ensure the best possible systems performance for the Aureled range.

Colour management

We have ensured the best possible colour management in our Aureled family by stringently managing the temperature within the luminaires.

By using optimal drive currents within the Aureled luminaires, we keep the LEDs as cool as possible; this limits phosphor degradation and inhibits colour shift.


The Aureled is an IP44 rated fitting, thus there is less need to clean and maintain it compared to a standard IP20 office luminaire. This is a tangible way to save costs for the tenant and building owner, and should be noted when choosing a maintenance factor at the design stage of a project.