Some great new products have been added to our Medical range. The Cleanroom IP44 600 x 600, the Hygiene range, the Eira, the Multifive Medical and the Aluflex 600.

New Additions to our Medical Range

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4 - Cleanroom st

The Cleanroom IP44 range (T5, T8, LED and High Output LED) are now available as 600 x 600 variations. The advantage of having a shorter fitting enables designers to choose fitting sizes that stay clear of mechanical fouls, whilst the architectural shape enables designers to harmoniously balance environments with a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

5 - Hygiene st

We have developed three of our most popular fittings, the Enviro, Enviro Diffused and Indigo Combo into the Hygiene Range. They now include a wipe down acrylic frame that covers the face of the fitting. Perfect for environments where cleanliness is paramount.

2 - Eira st

The Eira was created by Fagerhult in conjunction with Speirs + Major, grounded in their vision for how modern healthcare lighting should perform. The luminaire provides a controlled, focused light, packaged within a slim, aesthetic glowing form for a less clinical feel. Its dual optic provides a diffused light which is comfortable to view even at the highest output, supplemented by a unique performance ring, instantly providing higher levels of light for both examination and emergency requirements.

6 - Mutlifive Medical

The MultiFive Medical is a brand new way of lighting wards, based on a combination of T5 and LED light sources. Two luminaires are placed in parallel to the bed with a diffused T5 panel creating an asymmetric examination light over the bed, whilst the angled LED downlight serves as a reading light for the patient.

8 - Aluflex 600

The Aluflex 600 provides reading light and a supplementary examination light at the head-end of the patient’s bed. Based on energy-efficient LED technology the well shielded light is framed with a stylish aluminium profile. Aluflex 600 is the perfect alternative to luminaires attached to arms for reading and examinations. Its sealed design is easy to clean and, due to the LED light source, requires minimal maintenance in regards to lamp replacement. Aluflex 600 can also be mounted on a medical supply unit.