Marathon LED Family by Fagerhult

Published 12 May 2014

2 - Marathon RetailThe Marathon spotlight series is designed for a retail environment where a classic cylindrical spotlight is often required.The subtle design of the Marathon family is easy to enjoy. The proportions and aesthetic balance are perfect and is one of the many reasons it is so incredibly popular. It can blend in as a natural component of an environment and attract attention in an elegant manner.

In tomorrow's retail environment light will be controlled to create brand identity, increase flexibility during shop redecoration and reduce energy consumption. This places high demands on the luminaire. The Marathon family has been designed with LED to meet these demands.

What's new?

3 - Marathon Modules

  • 1100, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 4500 lumen versions
  • 3000k and 4000k colour temperature
  • Medium, spot and flood distribution options
  • CRI>80 and CRI>90 available
  • Zhaga compliant

The family is available in 1100, 2000 and 3000 lumen versions. The 2000 and 3000 lumen versions are available with medium and flood light distribution, and with the option of 3000 or 4000 kelvin colour temperature. These versions incorporate an active cooling system, which is one of the best on the market. The life expectancy of the fan is 65,000 hours, which is 15,000 hours longer than for the light source itself. The fan is whisper quiet.

The 1100 lumen version is available in spot, medium and flood light distribution, and with the option of 3000 or 4000 kelvin colour temperature. This version uses passive cooling.

The Marathon LED family have an excellent CRI (Colour Rendering Index) comparable with metal halide. The standard version has a CRI>80 and a CRI>90 variation is available.

In addition, the Marathon LED spotlight series fulfils Zhaga requirements thus ensuring future interchangeability and upgradeability for LED modules.

Marathon Recessed LED

9 - Marathon Recessed Fitting2The Marathon Recessed LED is a spotlight for recessed installation that brings full flexibility in tilt, rotation and extraction. It has a classical cylindrical shape together with a minimalistic yet distinct trim ring. It can either be used as a discrete downlight, semi recessed spotlight or fully extracted spotlight. The innovative mounting spring solution ensures easy and fast installation.

iTrack Mounting

3 - Marathon iTrackThe Marathon Midi LED iTrack is a dimmable luminaire optimised for Fagerhult's iTrack system. Positioning the direction of Marathon is made easy, the luminaire can be turned through 360° and the luminaire housing can be angled 0–90°.



Marathon Rich

4 - Marathon RichThe Marathon Rich is tailor-made and tested for the fish and meat sections in the store. The spectral qualities of the LED module enhance both warm red tones but also cool tones. This functions for both red fish and seafood, such as salmon and shrimps, but also ice and silver skinned fish types. Marathon Rich has a great colour rendering in blue and red colours so it will be successful where you would like to enhance these colours.

Marathon Glow

5 - Marathon GlowThe Marathon Glow is tailor-made for the fruit and vegetable section as well as the bread and cheese sections. It is equipped with a LED module that is specifically selected and tested for illuminating these foods. The LED module is strong in the warm coloured spectrum and brings out the warm red tones in the groceries. When accenting bread and cheese it is possible to combine spotlights with general light, making it suitable to illuminate groceries that radiate similar colours. In dressing rooms it is desirable to have a warm tone that reflects what the skin looks like in sunshine. The Marathon Glow also enhances wooden surfaces and furniture.