Illuminating Food Applications Delicately

Published 24 March 2014

Marathon Midi LED Rich Spotlight

Equipped with an LED module specifically designed and tested for the fish and meat sections. 

3 - Unnamed

The LED module used in the Marathon Midi Rich is strongest in the blue and red spectrum. This makes it suitable for illuminating fish counters that display red fish
such as salmon and shrimp, but also ice and silver skinned fish types. 

As well as providing an ideal colour spectrum, the LED module is also free of
IR and UV radiation and won't heat up the meat unlike a halogen spotlight

6 - Unnamed

  • Universal 3-phase adapter included
  • Housing in extruded/die cast aluminium
  • Front ring in thermal plastic
  • Metalized reflector
  • Colour settings in white (RAL 9016) and black (9005)
  • Operating voltage 230V - 240V
  • Pan 360, tilt 0-90
  • iTrack DALI dimming version

Marathon Midi LED Glow Spotlight

Made for the fruit/vegetable and bread/cheese section and equipped with an LED module that is specifically selected and tested for illuminating such foods. 

4 - Unnamed

Strong in the yellow, brown and red coloured spectrum making it suitable to illuminate fruit and vegetables, which bring out the warm tones in these groceries.

5 - UnnamedMarathon Midi LED Glow enhance the warm golden tones in freshly baked bread making them look extra appealing and crisp. For that reason it is also appropriate to illuminate cheese.

  • Universal 3-phase adapter included.
  • Housing in extruded/die cast aluminium. 
  • Front ring in thermal plastic.
  • Metalized reflector.
  • Colour settings in white (RAL 9016) and black (9005).
  • Operating voltage 230V - 240V.
  • Pan 360, tilt 0-90. 
  • iTrack DALI dimming version 

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