Published 15 October 2014

Swedish for linear, pronounced lin-yar. The Linjar is a combination of straight lines and forward thinking, that seamlessly reproduces the benefits of natural lighting for indoor environments.

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6 - UnnamedSomewhere from the natural world

We invite you to close your eyes and think of a place which you would describe as having beautiful ambient lighting. As with most people, you may be remembering an outdoor space, somewhere from the natural world. This may be a sunrise or a sunset, an afternoon walking through the mountains, a forest or maybe a place beside a lake or the ocean.

Supports the production of cortisol

Not many indoor office environments can replicate the natural world. Therefore, we have used evidence based research(1) when designing the Linjar luminaire to imitate the sky and replicate our natural environment. Much of this research tells us that good ambient lighting at the correct angles supports production of the alertness hormone cortisol, and suppresses the sleep hormone, melatonin(2). The Pickhurst study(3) has even demonstrated that there is a direct link between good ambient lighting and our ability to learn.

Letting the daylight pour in

Basing our product design around these studies and the natural world, we have designed a luminaire with a large luminance opening made up of two functional areas. The central section directs the light downwards whilst the flanking secondary streams are pushing the light side-wards. The contrast between the central section and the secondary streams creates a soft transition between the luminaire and the ceiling. Linjar lifts the roof off the office and allows the daylight pour in.

Truly homogeneous

We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of studies on glare and how humans react to it. These studies have proved that background luminance is vital for visual comfort. Higher levels of peak brightness increases will intensify the perception of glare. By introducing a lower luminance around the border of the luminaire, this reduces the glare perception and will support a lower UGR rating. The balanced brightness of the Linjar luminaire results in a truly homogeneous surface, designed for visual comfort.

Feel better, perform better

When we put all these learning together we have seen that good lighting not only makes us perform better, but it makes us feel better. These effects have been attributed to reducing anxiety, stress and lowering absenteeism as well as improving performance.

(1) “Preferred luminance distribution in working areas”(T. Govén, C. Bångens, B. Pearson)(2) “The background luminance and colour temperatures influence on alertness and mental health” (T. Govén, T. Laike, B. Pendse, and K. Sjöberg 2007)(3)  “The influence of ambient lighting on pupils in classrooms – considering visual, Biological and emotional aspects as well as use of energy – The Pickhurst study”.(T. Govén, T. Laike, P. Raynham, E. Sansal)