Published 06 May 2014

3 - Simes Keen Dimensions and CeilingSpotlights can be bulky and lack manoeuvrability, the Keen by SIMES turns this on its side – literally. Instead of the light source emitting from the largest surface area of the fitting, it radiates out from the fitting’s edge for a look that is minimalist and superbly modern.

The Keen is not all form and no function, with the five LED options delivering the same output as a 20W metal halide fixture. Its LEDs are controlled with optical lenses, allowing excellent control of the beam whilst minimising glare. There are four lens variations available: 10°, 23°, 46° and a 13° x 39° ellipsoid.

Constructed with a special double joint the Keen can be manoeuvred 180° on the y-axis and 340° on the x-axis. This paired with its small mounting base, means it can be installed almost anywhere – whether it be window trusses, beams, or spike mounted.

Available in two sizes, the Keen is engineered with the most advanced LED technology and incorporates integral control gear for connecting directly to 240v power. When combined with different optical solutions, the Keen delivers as a high performance and super-efficient luminaire.