Introducing the Indigo Hygiene, Enviro Hygiene and Enviro Diffused Hygiene

Hygiene Range

Eagle Lighting Australia's Hygiene Range consists of three of our most popular luminaires, the Indigo Combo BetaEnviro and Enviro Diffused that have been developed to include an easily removable clear cover.

The Hygiene Range is perfect for environments that need to be kept pristine.

The range is kept hygienic due to the clear acrylic frame that covers the face of the fitting. Because acrylic is used, the range can be installed in areas where chemical cleaning may be required and it ensures there is minimal impact on the fitting’s performance.

This is yet another great addition to our growing line of medical fittings.


  • Indigo Hygiene
  • Indigo Hygiene - ceiling installation
  • Indigo Hygiene - louvre
  • Enviro Hygiene
  • Enviro Hygiene - ceiling installation
  • Enviro Diffused Hygiene
  • Enviro Diffused Hygiene - ceiling installation
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