Vertex Organic Response Enabled

Eagle Lighting Australia is now Organic Response Enabled

Published 25 June 2013

Eagle Lighting Australia is proud to announce our strategic alliance with Organic Response®. The Organic Response Sensor Nodes will be integrated into all compatible luminaires within our range.

Organic Response has developed a Distributed Intelligence lighting control system that allows each individual luminaire to make lighting decisions based on the presence of occupants in its immediate vicinity, ambient light levels, and information it receives from its neighbouring luminaires. It then contributes information back to the luminaire community, so other luminaires can also make more informed lighting decisions. Although they make decisions individually, Distributed Intelligence means all the lights in a defined space act as a coordinated community.

7 - OR sensorAt the heart of Distributed Intelligence is the Sensor Node, which is integrated into each luminaire during manufacture to create an Organic Response Enabled luminaire. Each Sensor Node contains a motion sensor, infrared transmitter, infrared receiver and ambient light meter.


How Organic Response Works

8 - OR diagram

1. The moment a Sensor Node detects occupancy, the luminaire responds by outputting a predetermined light level (for example 100%). It simultaneously communicates that it can see someone to its neighbouring luminaires using a level 1 proximity-limited infrared signal.

2. On receipt of this level 1 signal, neighbouring Sensor Nodes know someone is located within one light fitting of them. They respond by outputting a predetermined light level appropriate to an occupant in that vicinity (e.g. 80% brightness), and simultaneously relay a level 2 signal to their own neighbours, informing them there is an occupant two light fittings away.

3. This communication propagates rapidly throughout the floor, creating the Occupancy Information Cloud™. Each Sensor Node knows at all times how close the nearest occupant is, and can adjust their light level accordingly. The Occupancy Information Cloud contains rich occupancy information that is real time, and position specific.

4 - Unnamed

For further information on Organic Response visit the website or download the brochure.