Zone family

For full details on the Zone family, which includes track and recessed options, visit Fagerhult:

Evolution changes the way things look, and the Zone family has evolved into new models. Yet an evolution of the Zone Family has been made. The new G2 family is equipped with a highly efficient LED module that is up to 50 % as efficient as the previous one. This can lead to significant cost savning on a whole shop.

Zone Evo G2 has a conical design, which is light and flexible in appearance. Its practical rectangular ballast box goes well with the rest of the luminaire. To avoid glare cap cone, barndoors, baffle and honeycomb louvre are available as accessories.

Zone Evo has an effective, segmented reflector giving excellent visual performance. The luminaire is also available as a dimmable version for Fagerhult’s iTrack system.

The recessed version means you can work with the same style of design, using both spotlights and recessed spotlights, throughout the project. The recessed version comes as a complete package with mounted LED driver. There is also a possibility to get a mounted mains cable and euro plug as an alternative, which reduces installation time significantly. The innovative spring solution ensures quick and easy installation.

The Rich and Glow function for Zone Evo G2 are specially developed for different food segments making for example the meat, fish and newly baked bread look fresh. Choose between integrated or track mounted spotlights depending on installation.

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