Pleiad Evo

  • Stocked in Australia

Pleiad Evo is the latest addition to the Pleiad family- offering exceptional light treatment, the extremely light weight design utilises the reflector as the only cooling element within the fixture.

One of the factors behind the success of all of our generations of Pleiad is the time-efficient, tool-free installation. The housing needs only be placed in the right position and then installed automatically with the help of gravity technology.

The rapid installation, combined with high efficiency and long life, ensures Pleiad Evo is an economical choice with a beneficial pay-off time

The luminaire listed in the "Documents and Data" tab has been selected as a solution to meet most requirements and is STOCKED IN AUSTRALIA for a quick turnaround.

If you require a different model, please visit the FAGERHULT product page by clicking HERE to access the full range.

Technical Information
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  Wattage Weight, kg lm lm/W Lifetime Code
Pleiad Evo | 4000K | Matt Reflector
13 0.4 1268 97 L90B50 50,000 h 77446
19 0.4 1737 92 L80B50 65,000 h 77447
  Variation Suffix
Cover plate clear, IP64, 165mm, white 41840
Cover plate clear, IP54, 165mm, white 41860
Cover plate delter, IP20, 165mm, white 42031
Opus, 165mm, white 41745
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