DT8 (Tuneable White)

Products in this control type include:

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DALI ballasts that are compatible with DALI Device Type 8 provide functionality for controlling colour temperature.

Ballasts of this type are managed with only one DALI address that carries information to control both the cold and warm CCT channels.

The function with different colour temperatures requires no programming with respect to the mixture of cold and warm light since the logic is built into the devices. The desired colour temperatures for different scenes are set directly in programming.

Conversely, when using DALI ballast that do not communicate according to DALI extension 209 (as opposed to the Type 8 described above), two ballasts are required: one for the warm and one for the cold diodes. To achieve the varying colour temperatures, each level (i.e. 3000k, 4000k, 5000k) has to be both measured with a spectrometer and individually programmed. 

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